Interdisciplinary Seminars

With Professor Betsy McCoach in the Department of Educational Psychology, we have co-founded and co-organized an Interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Statistical Methodology for Social and Behavioral Research in UConn since Fall 2020.

This seminar aims to promote the connection between the statistics and social/behavioral science communities and to encourage more graduate students to participate in this area of interdisciplinary research. Currently, this seminar is supported by the Department of Statistics and the Department of Educational Psychology at UConn and New England Statistical Society (NESS).  To get more information on this seminar series, please click this link

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Upcoming Conference Presentation

  1. Special Invited Talk in EcoSta 2018, June 19-21, The City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR.
  2. Invited Talk in ISBA 2018, June 24-29, The University of Edinburgh, UK.
  3. Invited Talk in 2018 ISBIS, July 4-6, University of Piraeus, Greece.

Video Lecture